September 2014 : My Month of Celebration

3 Days Prayer and Fasting

(Friday Sept 12 – Sunday Sept 14, 2014)


Read: Prov 23: 18, Jeremiah 29: 11, Prov 10: 28

  1. Take time to worship and to praise God.
  2. Appreciate God for his blessings, protection and provisions over you and your family since the beginning of the year
  3. Father visit me this  month of September
  4. Father order my steps aright this month in Jesus name
  5. Father direct me to where my blessings are in this month of September
  6. My Father and my God don’t let the journey of 40days become 40 years for me
  7. Father help me to understand your leading for my life
  8. Father please don’t let me miss my season of visitation
  9. Father please don’t let me take any step that will make me miss all that you have for me this month in Jesus name
  10. Father help me to begin to walk in the path that leads to my blessings
  11. Father by your power shut all the doors the devil have opened to divert me from my destiny
  12. Father help me to take the right decision at every crossroad of my life
  13. Every spirit of confusion I come against you in my life in the name of Jesus
  14. Father don’t let me experience any sorrow the remaining days of this year
  15. Father put an end to delay in my life and in my family
  16. Father let all I have been waiting for since the beginning of the year be released to me this month of September in the name of Jesus
  17. Father before this year ends let me have my testimony
  18. Father visit every member of Overcomers House waiting on you for the fruit of the womb
  19. Lord let all our pregnant women deliver safely
  20. We shall not experience any loss in the name of Jesus
  21. Father let there be a mighty revival in the UK
  22. Father grant me the grace to love and serve you with all my heart
  23. Father give me reasons to celebrate and rejoice in you this month of September in Jesus name
  24. Father let sorrow be far away from me and my family
  25. Father convert my sorrow to joy, and my silent weeping/crying to laughter.
  26. Father let me experience overwhelming joy this season.
  27. Father keep me and my family from all form of evil the remaining days of this year
  28. Father turn all my expectation to physical manifestations
  29. Father let your joy be my strength
  30. Father provide solutions to all my problems
  31. Father let people hear about your wonder in my situations
  32. Father let your peace reign in my life, home and family.
  33. Father visit every member of the church this month and grant them all their requests.
  34. Father let our community be peaceful and free of evils (crime, killings, gangsterism etc)
  35. Father please keep our children from evil and let them excel in their studies.
  36. Father open new doors of blessing unto me
  37. Father let there be spiritual reawakening in Britain again